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OPTIS Partners’ Merger database is showing over One Hundred Fifty Mergers/Acquisitions in the first quarter of 2019. OPTIS looks primarily at Property and Casualty firms in the United State as well as Canada. This is almost the same pace as 2018Q1.

Acquisitions in Canada have increased from 1-2% of the total 10 years ago to 6-8% now.

The report breaks down buyers into four groups:

  1. Private equity-backed/hybrid brokers.
  2. Privately held brokers.
  3. Publicly held brokers.
  4. All others.

The top buyers are:

  • Patriot Growth Insurance Services (18)
  • Acrisure (16)
  • Hub (12)
  • Gallagher (10)
  • Broadstreet Partners (10)

The report has shown a smaller number of buyers for any first quarter in the past 5 years. there were only 57 unique buyers in 2019, the lowest number in any first quarter since 2014.

Growth by Consolidation remains a pillar of the Insurance market.