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Inhaling technology, exhaling business


We are a team of creators, passionate about coding, agile methods and focused on sharing knowledge to generate value for our customers.

We seek to build long-lasting relationships with our employees, customers and partners, making a difference in the software development market through the delivery of quality projects on scale.

We follow this path with a team of developers, speaking the business language and discovering innovative paths in complex scenarios.


What The Customer Says About Us

Alexandre Ferraz
IT Project Office, Quality & Data Protectionat Mercedes Benz

“Today we are able to better identify our team delivery potential, what made the relationship with business areas more aligned with the reality. The visual management facilitated the visualisation of the bottlenecks, enabling us to make changes in the process to solve the problem”

Davisom Trevizan
Application Managerat Sage

“Objective’s flexibility and the expertise of its professionals in Sage’s environment were factors that added value throughout the projec’s implementation”

Ricardo Santos
IT Directorat Hughes

“Given the complexity of our systems architecture and operation, having Objective team’s commitment was essential for the implementation of Hughesnet’s satellite broadband internet solution in Brazil. We have managed the proper functioning of our solution, scalability and today we have a partnership in Billing and BPO service for our business and operation support systems.”


335,000+ Development Hours Annualy

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Years of Experience in Critical Projects

Objective Group Inc, also knwon as OGI, is the business unit of Objective Solutions founded to meet the needs of our customers in the North American market, with agile consulting solutions (Agile Transformation Flow), tooling for pragmatic project management and development squads on demand.

For over 20 years, Objective Solutions has contributed to the success of the largest telecommunications companies in Brazil with digital solutions for subscriber management and billing. Through our experience and knowledge, we have expanded our offerings by putting forth a portfolio of digital solutions, consultancies and squads for the most varied market segments, such as government, industry, finance, education, retail, health and Utilities.