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During the Agile Assessment, we perform a full immersion in your company in order to apply the experience acquired over 20 years to identify leverage points, suggest action plans and monitor their implementation. We interview members of: Executive leadership to understand both the current and needed insights on project delivery. Project Management to understand what metrics are measured both historically and needed for corporate goals Analytics and Informatics to understand any current KPIs Development leadership and staff to understand competencies, opportunities, successes and pain points Business Customers, Governance and Advocates to understand what challenges and opportunities are being addressed in development Architecture Leadership to understand what hardware, software and methodology constraints exist Sales and Marketing to understand needs, direction and Brand constraints Operations Management to understand the process and opportunities of Release Management At the end of the assessment, we provide our client with Actionable plans, a checkpoint as to where they are on the path to Agile Ambidexterity, and a series of easy wins and accelerators.


What is Agile and how we make it. Learn the benefits of Agile for your business and how Objective’s expertise can help you make it real.

Watch the following factlet to learn a quick fact about Agile and how an Agile Assessment can help your Organization