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Quantum, from the Latin word meaning smallest, yet actionable amount. Quantum Agile starts with Jake Knapp’s Design Sprint Concept, a 5-day shared immersion into your project’s design cycle. Our experts help your team assemble, create, test and validate a complete Design Sprint of the design/inception task using your actual content and needs, partnering through the entire process to create the feature to validate it. Together we will lay out how this can fit into current processes and show all how this system can be expanded to a full design and highlight the avoidable pitfalls and benefits. Your team learns hands-on during the Design Sprint. Our experts help you with this Design and then join the work with you for the whole delivery, from 2 to 4 weeks. Our experts assist you as part of your team.


What is Agile and how we make it. Learn the benefits of Agile for your business and how Objective’s expertise can help you make it real.

Watch the following factlet to learn a quick fact or two about Agile and Objective.