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The Agile Methodology is not a fixed model applied identically to different businesses. The Agile Mindset means transforming the culture aiming the continuous improvement to achieve real value results for business, whether in software development or in the performance and deliveries of different business areas.


Being one of the pioneers in Agile Development, we have created techniques and evolved practices, with the purpose of simplifying controls, hastening deliveries, favoring simplicity, mitigating risks and, above all, ensuring quality to your Agile Transformation.

Pioneer In Agile Methodologies

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Brazil's first Agile project

We implemented the first Agile project in Brazil, in a large Telecom company.
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First XP event in Brazil

We held the first XP event in Brazil, in 2000, and its second edition in 2004, with Kent Beck and Scott Ambler.
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Acknowledged and certified Agile coaches

3 out of the 10 AKC, 1 out of the 10 AKT and 10% of the KCPs in Brazil are part of Objective's team.
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Reference case in The Scrumban [R]Evolution

Objective Case described in The Scrumban [R]Evolution book - Getting the Most out of Agile, Scrum and Lean Kanban, as reference.

Complete offer for Agile Transformation

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Have an Agile maturity diagnosis and solution proposals according to business, organizational, cultural and technical aspects of the environment and the development team.

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Get deadline and costs predictability in all your projects. Metrics consulting allows you to make your team's productivity tangible with tools implementation, structured data collection, and using metrics based on good market practices.

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Management tools

Find the best issue tracker and project and portfolio management tool for your business. We make an analysis of the company and its requirements regarding the purpose of the work and the necessary autonomy to identify the most appropriate tool in the market and adapt it to the company's processes, with pilots implementation, training and following up.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Promote the evolution of agile processes with an agility consultant (Agile Coach). With a fundamental role for the projects’ success, the Agile Coach acts in the work plan elaboration and takes over the monitoring throughout its execution and after its delivery, using visual tools which make possible the distribution and the management of demands in the IT team by priority definition, formal training and assessment.

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Raise the level of the team with available or customized trainings, applied by coaches who are a reference to the market. Training is necessary to improve the results and effectiveness of your team, approaching different topics to different teams maturity. Counting on 100% personalized contents, it is possible to promote the team's development according to the company's reality, considering teams, ongoing projects and cultural aspects.


Our methodology for pragmatic Agile Transformation

"Agile Transformation Flow" is the DNA of Objective's agile consulting. We act with pragmatism based on metrics to scale agility in high performance teams, in a cyclical process of continuous improvement. Get to know our practices:
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Company context assessment with a 360º view of cultural, technical, organizational and business aspects.
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Definition of KPIs and leverage points prioritization according to effectiveness: lower investment to bring the highest result.
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Practice Set
Choice of the next processes, practices and tools to act on the leverage points of the roadmap.
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Trainings, workshops and lectures in order to equalize and raise the level of theoretical knowledge of the actions to be taken.
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"On the job" action
Working along with our clients' squads to apply the defined practices.
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Evaluation of the results achieved compared to the planned, refining the company's context and the action roadmap for cyclical continuity.

Success Stories

We work in partnership with our customers and we enjoy celebrating good deliveries and the results achieved. Get to know some of our clients’ main cases of success.

Agile consulting benefits

Experience of a pioneering team and agile reference.

“Time to market” optimization for new products or functionalities and versions.

Evolutionary approach based on results and best practices.

Higher quality of products and services.

Better results with prioritization and continuous improvement.

Balance demands and resources for efficiency and effectiveness.


Get insights from our team of experts on software development methodologies, languages, technology and more to support your team in business operation and strategy.

How can we apply the agile culture to your business?

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How can we apply the agile culture to your business?

Talk to one of our market-referenced experts and coaches to understand how we can transform your business development, culture and metrics.