Agile Transformation Flow

Your organization is unique, as your agile development process should be

Escale agility in your high performance team by trailing the Agile Transformation Flow. Objective’s methodology to apply agile according to your company's reality, not by the book. Our team of Agile and Project coaches has deep knowledge and expertise with a revolutionary approach.


We are uncovering better ways of developing software. That is how the Agile Manifesto starts. When Agile became mainstream, the market lost its original meaning. Most of the market thinks Agile is a fixed thing like Scrum, Safe or Less. Agile is, however, a movement to remove the handcuffs of the Waterfall process, not replacing them with new ones.

Scrum is not for everyone. It is a good start, though. The same can be said about any other software methodology or practice*. The culture of continuously evolving your process is something that everyone should embrace. Assess, plan, learn, execute, measure and do it again. That is our Agile Transformation Flow in a nutshell.

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Context is everything, and your software development lifecycle process should not be restricted by rules written on stone. You should always have space to evolve, do better, think about your own constraints and strengths. To uncover better ways of developing software.

* Ok, we think automated tests are for everyone … but we have good reasons.