Ilustração do ciclo DevOps: Plan, Code, Build, Test, Release, Deploy, Operate, Monitor

Bring agility to IT deliveries by reducing gaps between development and operations.

Count on a consulting which is a reference and precursor to the Agile Culture Development through the DevOps concept, with automated testing, quality, CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery).

Our consultants are experts to assess your team or support the DevOps culture spread, with consulting, training, implementation of appropriate tools for your context and managed services.

Our action with DevOps consulting

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Get on the job technical support from our experienced DevOps consultants and professionals. By a multidisciplinary teamwork, we act in the creation and implementation of the right tools for your scenario. By participating in the process, we speed up software improvement implementation, process automation build and error decrease in an integrated way, bringing a greater competitive advantage to the business with cost reduction and high quality in deliveries.

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Education and Coaching

Develop managers and teams with "on the job" training focused on DevOps practices and tools. DevOps is a continuous cycle strategy which has to be implemented in the culture of the teams. For this, our expert DevOps consulting and development team works with our clients' team as peers to promote learning while concepts are applied on a daily basis.


Our methodology and DevOps cycle

Applying DevOps to IT teams requires dedication, acceptance and collaboration from the teams. Implementation requires a strategic plan, which depends on how you manage and integrate the teams involved. And for each step there is a wide variety of tools which enable the DevOps practice. Objective helps in breaking departmental barriers to improve your software development flow with a set of practices and tooling appropriate to the context. With a cultural transformation mindset, the observation of behaviors and the analysis of performance and quality indicators, we identify problems and optimization points so we can act responsibly, accurately and quickly.

DevOps culture benefits

Precise control of development projects.

Higher value delivery in projects.

Process automation and improvement in relationship between areas.

Cost reduction and bugs.

Integrations and continuous delivery.

Lead time decrease.

Would you like to develop continuous integration and continuous delivery?

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Would you like to develop continuous integration and continuous delivery?

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