Objective Group Founders

Objective is a IT multinational service provider founded by friends, who were also developers, with the cooperation of more than 600 restless and creative experts. What we do is to break technological and business barriers through digital products, consulting services, training and software development focused on quality besides delivery, generating value for companies in many market sectors.

Keeping headquarters in US,  Portugal and Brazil, the company has been operating since 1995 with multidisciplinary high performance teams. By developing management and operational skills with an emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency, we have adopted and evolved our Agile Tools and Methods throughout more than 26-year history .

Our values

Ilustração com aperto de mãos
Act with honesty, cordiality, transparency and equity to promote a safe environment.
Ilustração de mulher sorrindo
Customer enchantment
Exceed customers' expectations by providing services with quality, responsibility, agility, good relationship and competitiveness.
Ilustração de dois balões de fala
Work in teams, promoting the knowledge exchange with open and clear communication and frequent feedback practices. Integrate and bring people, areas and websites together.
Ilustração de olho com símbolo de dinheiro
Economic return
Continuous and sustainable growth, expansion of revenues, company's value growth and participation in results. Liquidity and financial security.
Ilustração de gesto de positivo com a mão
Work with excellence, pride, passion, autonomy, commitment, engagement, responsibility and acknowledgment.
Ilustração de gráfico crescente
Continuous improvement
Continuously knowledge search, Mobility, Self-development, Innovation and Adaptability.

Our history

From curiosity about programming to the challenge of developing solutions for complex scenarios: Objective was brought to life. We started with the desire to build the best CRM Billing solution for the Telecom market, since we understand that quality is fundamental to develop software at scale. We are pioneers in Agile Methodology in Brazil and we remain as a reference to the current market. Over the years, we have developed and improved our work methodology to deliver higher value to our customers and, therefore, automated testing, pragmatism and continuous improvement have always been, and will always be, part of our DNA.

Objective was founded

Objective arose from the union of four friends who had met each other at college and faced the challenge of developing the best billing platform to serve a new customer in the Brazilian market: a satellite telecommunication operator. This is how NG Billing, our CRM & Billing, was created to support companies that need to manage a large number of contracts, by automated recurring billing operations, with security and reliability to achieve the company’s scalable growth.

New Development Center in Curitiba

In 1997, regarding the concept of flexibility and the desire for change of some employees, we expanded the development center by building a unit in Curitiba, incorporating new talents and friends to the team, developing the personal and relaxed atmosphere which marks Objective’s culture to this day.

Pioneers in agile with XP

With learning and knowledge sharing as values in our culture, we followed the Agile Manifesto creation and brought the first eXtreme Programming events to Brazil, with Kent Beck and other big names, in 2002 and 2004. We also have a case of agility described in the book: “The Scrumban [R]Evolution: Getting the Most out of Agile, Scrum, and Lean Kanban,” written by Ajay Reddy.

By expanding our experience and knowledge, we have amplified our offerings, such as the agile consulting and software development squads to overcome complex business barriers across a series of market segments.

Another development center, in Maringá

In 2009, we expanded our development centers once more, with the creation of a new unit in Maringá – PR.


In 2017, we internationalized our operation by founding a unit in Chicago, USA. We have also structured our UX area, bringing greater focus on the user’s experience to our customers.

Recognized by GPTW

We expanded our portfolio again with partner solutions, conquered new customers and became stronger with our team, maintaining quality inside and outside our base. We were also recognized as one of the best companies to work in Paraná, by GPTW.

We are a remote company

Covid-19 levarage digital transformation to another level and we quikly adapted to the a 100% remote working model. Now we have anywhere offices.


+500 experts in multiple specialties
+60.000 automated testing scenarios per hour
+800.000 development hours
+10 years of relationship and partnership with clients
3 out of 12 AKC’s (Accredited Kanban Consultants) in Brazil

And we keep growing to support our customers in digital challenges.

Objective Holding

Objective Group Inc is part of the Objective Holding, formed only by technology and innovation companies, with national and international operations. The group's client portfolio consists of large and medium-sized national and international companies, which belong to many market segments. Get to know better each of them:

Our Leadership

Introducing our leadership team responsible for driving our international operations forward. With diverse backgrounds and extensive experience, they consistently deliver exceptional results to our customers worldwide. They have a deep understanding of international markets’ cultural nuances and are committed to building strong relationships with our global customers and partners. Their dedication to innovation ensures that we continuously provide solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

Where we are

Our employees can choose the best working format here, either in the offices or remotely, carrying out their activities in other places. Our offices are sited in different cities and work as support bases to our teams for meetings in person and for networking with the team itself and with our clients and partners.
Porto | Portugal

São Paulo
São Paulo | Brazil

Chicago | USA