Market changes and customers’ behaviors require customers centered businesses that go along with new trends quickly. Increase sales and customers and employees’ engagement with personalized experiences with Liferay DXP digital transformation project.

Liferay DXP solution is a robust and complete tool which brings on new digital experiences to uphold your company’s strategies and prioritizes mobility to support customers’ diverse contact channels with your brand.

Get to know some of the main initiatives for digital transformation that Liferay DXP delivers to your business.

Initiatives for digital transformation

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Complete digital transformation

Let's start this journey together. By the immersion in the current scenario, we understand the business needs to propose the Digital Experience Platform use with proper processes for the company's maturity. Or the identification of the next steps to extend the use of all Liferay DXP Cloud features for those who want it.

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Digital Workplaces Development

Engage and strengthen your business ecosystem with a unique digital environment. We implemented the Digital Workplace with Liferay DXP, turning the intranet into a modern and flexible environment to centralize information, increase employees' productivity and integrate field teams, strengthening the company's collaboration culture.

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Omnichannel and personalized purchase journeys

Innovate in your customers' journey. We put into practice the necessary improvements and support of your existing gateway, or we make up new ones to provide the digital experience innovation of your visitors, with all necessary integrations to unified management of legacy systems.

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B2B E-commerce

Increase B2B sales online with business team empowerment. We implement B2B e-commerce with the Liferay platform, integrated to your CRM and ERP systems to reduce conflict between sales channels, providing customized experiences for your customers and essential information to empower sales reps.

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Cloud migration

Enjoy all the benefits of a secure and stable PaaS solution. We migrate appropriately so the company can take advantage of DXP by simplifying the infrastructure management with functionalities, such as auto scaling, multiple environments, advanced monitoring and more.


Flexible platform to meet your needs

Liferay DPX was designed to be a personalized solution that meets each company's needs with excellence, letting business areas free to create differentiated experiences for employees and customers, while generating higher IT control and security. Get to know the main functionalities:
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Identity and Access Management
With support for identity management, service access policy, user management and personal data according to regulations, such as GDPR.
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Platform services
Clustering and performance following up, high availability and scalability, auditing, single page applications, development standards and technologies, back-end APIs, customized fields per user, dynamic virtual hosting, multitenancy, website administration, search administration and native shell interface for module administration.
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Integration and Interoperability
Integration Framework, front-end tools, IntelliJ IDEA plugin, Developer Studio, Liferay Connected Services (LCS), Marketplace, Wokspace, Bade CLI, Frameworks Support, upgrade tool and Lexicon.
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Collaboration and Social
Blogs and blog aggregators, knowledge base for onboarding and training, integration with social networks, Wiki, forums and message boards, event calendar, AlloyEditor, inline image editing, alerts and advertisements, voting resources and invitations.
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Forms, Workflow and Business Process Automation
Forms with flexibility to rule creation and customization, submission management, data storage, integration with data providers, multilingual support, workflows with approval rules and API for integrations.
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Content management
CMS for managing and different content models creations, with modeling, preview accesses publisher, dynamic content display, enterprise DAM for content replacement, online content editing and document viewing with automatic versioning policies, Google Drive plugin, Search option and more.
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Experience Management
Fragment reuses to turn the page creation easier with drag-and-drop editor and other tools, native widget library, Liferay JS bundle Tools, page templates resources and SEO optimization.
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Journey Segmentation and Personalization
Creation of experiences by segmentation through the creation of rules and content recommendation.
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Multichannel Support
Headless APIs for content delivery, management, participation, SDK mobile framework and mobile component rules and library, push notifications and more.
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Multilingual Search
Multilingual search option integrated with Elasticsearch 6.5, Solr 7.4, low-level search APIs and administration tools for customizing results rankings.
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Analytics and Optimization
Traffic analysis, assets, workflow processes, customers' profiles and pages.
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Resources for cloud
High availability, development cycle optimization with Ci/CD strategy, application development, following up, real-time alerts, backup and restore, auto scaling, governance and VPN.

Benefits for your business with DXP Liferay

DXP platform leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Integrated solution with business areas autonomy.

High availability.

Development cycle (CI/CD).

Application development with Track Trace.

Service and alerts monitoring in real time.

Governance and collaboration.

Consistent performance with auto scaling, backup and VPN connection.

Let's create new experiences and digitalize your business?

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Let's create new experiences and digitalize your business?

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