Quality is Paramount to Develop Software at Scale


Objective’s path to scale its software development has a strong belief: we always though first on how we would scale our quality control. And the core of our strategy is automated testing.

Some projects today have more than 60K automated tests, end to end, running on a cloud-clustered computing environment in less than 30 minutes. This is what we think is necessary for our client’s mission-critical solutions. And that, as well, allows us to have a life after 6 pm. 

Test automation has lead to other development process automation. Our project scaffold today can provision from Jira to homologation environments. We were doing DevOps and Agile before the name even existed, and we continue improving our process and tools.

This kind of experience has allowed us to take on large and complex projects. We were born in the Brazilian’s Telecom industry, in a period where the marketing war and customer satisfaction were the difference between winners and losers. We are proud to say we help our clients to win. 

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