Case: Mercedes-Benz


Considered the largest manufacturer of trucks and buses in South America, Mercedes-Benz do Brasil, a company that belongs to the Daimler AG group, started its production in 1956 in São Bernardo do Campo, a city in the metropolitan region of São Paulo.

Mercedes produces commercial vehicles, such as trucks, buses and automobiles. More than two million units have already left their production lines towards the roads in Brazil and in more than 50 countries where the company exports its products.

The German brand has expanded its operations in Brazil, always investing in technology, in order to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers through products of high quality and tradition.

As the challenge of achieving greater speed in its processes to ensure alignment with the global strategy in the use of agile methodologies came forward, the company found Objective Solutions as the ideal partner to start this journey through the Agile Assessment.

Mercedes Benz’ project

In the first stage of the project, we conducted an in-person immersion to assess the entire structure, team profile and cultural aspects.
We have defined which techniques are best suited to the company’s reality, implementing and testing the effectiveness of each one. We have not directly applied the methods in certain projects, but in a development area, which simultaneously deals with projects, improvements, support and errors.

Predictability as one of the main results

The IT area is divided into 12 teams and Objective is every month helping each of them to “experiment” and apply agile practices that make sense in the context of each one.
Predictability is the main gain that the company has had with the metrics extracted from the team.

“Today, we better identify the delivery potential of our team and this has made the relationship with the business area more aligned with reality. Visual management (Kanban) facilitated the visualization of bottlenecks, which suggested a change in our process to tackle the problem ”, explained Alexandre Ferraz, ITC/TLR – IT Project Office, Quality & Data Protection at Mercedes-Benz.

The results obtained directly impacted other areas and we extended the work to other development teams.

“Now we see and  recognize the importance of having a consultant with the experience of Objective consultants, following the implementation in other areas to guarantee the success of the project and results.”, concludes Ferraz.

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