Case Sage: Legacy system update

Case: Sage


SAGE, the world leader in cloud management software, is present in 23 countries, has over 3 million customers and 13,000 employees.
In Brazil since 2012, the company has more than 100 thousand customers and has the technology to help companies of all sizes, from start-ups, scale-ups or large companies, in managing everything they need, from money to people.

In the context of company acquisition and constant growth, the need to improve the performance of the current CRM was detected – a legacy system, designed to serve a smaller business that needed to be adapted to meet the strong growth of the Sage customer base in Brazil.

Sage has found in Objective a partner to meet the new demands for development and implementation of improvements in CRM thus ensuring effective support in the Brazilian Operation.

Project Steps
Phase 1

In this initial phase, Objective acted as a technical consultancy in surveying the scope, requirements and creating a complete architectural diagnosis of CRM, identifying and measuring efforts for all stages of the project.

“In the survey of the scope and architectural diagnosis, Objective presented a complete understanding of the environment, effort, cost and time of  mplementation that was a decisive factor for the success of the project. New demands emerged during the implementation and we were promptly assisted, which has reaffirmed the partnership and commitment of the company”  says Davisom Trevizan – Application Manager at Sage

Phase 2

Once the entire scope of the project was mapped, Objective acted in the development and implementation of the improvements identified and prioritized by SAGE, this time with more critical routines for implementing a new layer of persistence.
Other points of improvement were raised, as well as specific actions to mitigate interference from external systems that seasonally impact the system’s performance.

The results obtained regarding performance were significant, which favored the user area in their day-to-day work.

“Objective’s flexibility and the expertise of its professionals in the SAGE environment were factors that added value throughout the project’s implementation”, Davisom Trevizan – Application Manager at Sage.

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