Get up to 10x more business value by answering "What if" questions.

Find the balance between demands and delivery capacity of teams in your portfolio to suppor yout company's escalation using real-time data and pragmatic management.


Sinccera is the tool suite to give you a real time, reliable and pragmatic view

It allows you to have predictability applying forecasting and simulations techniques to drive your decisions by numbers for the strategic, tactical and operational levels.

It is hard to achieve happiness if what you demand from people is beyond their skills. You may demand a little more to promote growth, but too much and you make people miserable.   Balance is key. 

Software development teams pursuing their purposes are not different. If they cannot balance demand with their available resources, they will have a stressful environment, with more projects failling. The scenery is much more complex on scaled teams because the system has a lot more elements: more clients, more collaborators, more competitors, more investors, everything influencing the seesaw. How to balance it?

Sinccera starts gathering reliable data automatically and in real-time from JIRA. Then, forecast models will feed dashboards and simulation tools to help you improve your decision-making process. With this visibility, you will have the arguments to negotiate scope and meet your deadlines, creating positive feedback and improving balance. Going back to happy days.

Sinccera's portfolio dashboard screen

How it works

Sinccera structures all project data according to time, escope, budget and activity

Data is collected and updated during Upstream and Downstream, throughout the Taskboard. 

On the Portfolio Dashboard, it presents a systemic view with current status of all projects according to escope, budget and timeline.  All projects are organized by criticality.

Based on previous data, Sinccera presents a forecast and you can compare it to what was expected.

Sinccera allows to create different scenarios

Each project can be analysed by a detailed chart and logbook.

Sinccera also allows you to create different scenarios to make sure your decisions will have the impact you need, so you don’t have to wait until the end of the project to review what should or shouldn’t be done.

Detailed project chart and loogbook on Sinccera