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Mercedes-Benz boost its digital transformation in partnership with Objective

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Mercedes-Benz, one of the world’s largest truck and bus manufacturers, has invested in accelerating its digital transformation to remain competitive in the Latin American market. The company sought to incorporate the innovative and agile practices of Objective, a partnership that brought together technological excellence and applied governance to a digital mobility journey.

Digital journey challenges in fleet management

Mercedes-Benz’s challenge was the agile and efficient development of a work management platform for truck fleets — the “Road Journey”. This platform aligns perfectly with the company’s standing in the 4.0 industry ecosystem, with the intention of meeting the growing demands of an increasingly digital and demanding customer base.

Incorporating technology into the daily lives of drivers, Roberto Leoncini, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Trucks and Buses at Mercedes-Benz Brazil, stated: 

“The Apps facilitate the driving routine in a friendly and interactive way, a competitive edge  that complies  to the advancement of 4.0 Industry standards.”

The major barrier to achieving this project was the need to face challenges arising from slow and bureaucratic IT processes, lack of alignment between IT teams and business, and difficulty in keeping up with technological trends and innovations.

Innovative solutions and best governance practices

Objective, through a thorough assessment, identified areas for improvement and developed a governance program that focused on agile training and consulting for all of Mercedes-Benz’s IT teams. This alignment initiative enabled better tracking and realization of the project.

Employing the “Swarm Organization” culture, Objective formed multifunctional teams focused on specific goals. The culmination of this agile work resulted in the cutting-edge “Road Journey” app, which brought transparency to truck fleet management and assisted in the daily management of driver activities, adhering to the Driver’s Law and preventing violations.

Results in quality and productivity

The project was crowned with the successful launch of the “Road Journey” app at Fenatran, one of the leading transportation and logistics congresses in Latin America.

The following results were observed at the end of the project: greater visibility of processes and teams, faster identification of bottlenecks and waste, an optimized project portfolio focused on delivery, expansion of work to new areas and successful implementation of Kanban.

Moreover, for Mercedes-Benz, the project implementation resulted in:

  • 50% reduction in software development time;
  • 30% increase in IT team productivity;
  • Overall improvement in the quality of products and services;
  • Brand positioning reinforcement with the launch of a new app.


This symbiotic partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Objective demonstrated how companies can accelerate their digital transformation, leveraging the expertise of a consultancy and managed software development teams. In addition to delivering an innovative application, Objective also inspired a cultural change, bringing significant benefits to Mercedes-Benz. Objective Solutions is the ideal partner for companies seeking agile and creative solutions to their business challenges. Together, we can boost your business into the digital future.

*The quote comes from a press release from Mercedes in 04/15/2021

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