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My Claro Mobile Evolves Digital Transformation with Improved User Experience and Expedited Go-to-market Timeline

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The newly updated My Claro Mobile app is gaining momentum in the digital customer service sector. The application offers enhanced user experience, and key features, and boosts productivity for the assigned team.

Background and goals

Faced with the inherent challenge of continuing its digital transformation, Claro sought out to provide its customers with an amiable, intuitive experience through the My Claro Mobile app. The goal was to promote greater engagement in the utilization of digital channels and, consequently, to reduce costs associated with traditional customer service channels.


With an app already under development, the company turned to partner Objective. Along with Global Hitss (a subsidiary of Claro), the cooperation aimed not only to continue the development with technical expertise in scalable and mission-critical solutions but also to add value to the work methodology of the team.

Broadly, the partnership involved seeking fluid, scalable, and secure solutions for integrations with legacy systems. Furthermore, greater efficiency for future releases (time-to-market) was a major point of focus.

The teams comprised multi-disciplinary professionals including Agile Consultants, Developers (Front and Back-end), QA, Software Architects, DevSecOps Analysts, Data Scientists, and UX Designers. Together, they contributed from the discovery to the development of the My Claro Mobile app, with a constant emphasis on delivering VALUE.

This is a perfect example of how a managed development team containing tailored skills, headcount, and operational expertise can help businesses from different industries overcome complex challenges.


In less than a year, the My Claro Mobile app achieved user acceptance, ramped up the productivity and quality of technical teams, and increased the speed to market.

Key stats include:

  • High-quality user experience: 0.96 Apdex score
  • High availability: 99.8% on a high data volume platform
  • Scalable development with 2x more productivity compared to post-onboarding deliveries
  • Quality with automated testing: 7% reduction in bug rate
  • 95% reduction in time to deploy due to continuous deployment automation

More details of the process can be found in the complete case study below.

The My Claro Mobile team aimed to execute the launch of their account management app for Internet and mobile phone service users and sought a new consulting and development partner for this challenge.

The challenges were manifold. They ranged from improvements in the agile maturity of the Claro team for product management, grounded in best practices, to the evolution of the product itself, guaranteeing better system integration. One of the main issues was the need to create user-friendly and intuitive journeys to increase app engagement and, consequently, reduce costs in traditional customer service channels.

The company found in Objective, in conjunction with Global Hitss, a partnership that would ensure the resolution of these challenges, combining technical expertise for product development and evolution, and innovative solutions for integration with legacy systems.

Getting Started: Immersion and Diagnosis in Just 3 Weeks

The handover from the previous supplier to Objective was accomplished in just 3 weeks. During this short time span, Objective delved into an immersion process absorbing all technical aspects, assumed immediate maintenance of the product from its architecture to user experience, and formulated a diagnostic of positive aspects and areas of improvement for the product.

The team worked throughout the product cycle, from discovery to development and integration with traditional platforms, as well as maintenance and monitoring in production to enhance visibility and facilitate platform evolution.

The team was bolstered by Eleflow (a company within the Objective Group), specialists in Big Data and analytics. They engaged data scientists and engineers to map user journeys with the aim of transforming the data into relevant information for decision-making in favor of app evolution.

These results were only possible due to Claro’s trust in Objective’s management and applied processes. The joint efforts of the UX team, business area, and developers ensured proposals adhered to technological constraints and reinforced a user experience-centered development culture.

Moreover, automation of the development, approval, and production process significantly reduced deployment time from days to hours, representing improved quality and speed for the technical area.

Objective’s development methodology, featuring a culture of continuous flow and automation, elevated the agile and DevOps maturity of the area. 

“The success of this work was only possible due to the collaborative culture present in the entire team. The entire project leadership ensures everyone is heard and encourages discussion to guarantee the best solutions”, says Adriano Caneppele, Senior Project Manager at Objective.

Technical Details and Results


  • Plan management, data usage control, data distribution, invoice consultation, payment, and general purchasing options are all included in the app.
  • Technical Characteristics: The app is a hybrid, written in React/React Native, with some web features and lambdas, as it is completely serverless and cloud-based. It maintains a high-quality code coverage with 90% of tests.

UX Results

  • User experience studies were made based on data obtained through analytics tools and qualitative research was carried out through interviews and usability tests. These tests were conducted remotely during the pandemic with excellent results.
  • The Design System was used for interface creation, and adherence to technological limitations was made possible due to the joint work of UX and the technical team. 

Technical Results

  • Quality mindset resulted in a 7% reduction in the bug rate, creating a lesser impact on Claro’s business and app users.
  • Automated deployment reduced time by 95%. 
  • The high user experience of the app: Apdex Index 0.96 (measures the quality of the user experience from zero to one).
  • High availability: Cash-free 99.8% on a platform with about 2 million daily accesses.

Process Results

  • Visibility: The entire involved team had access to what was happening on the project, creating a more fluid work process.
  • High predictability: Statistical analyses provided greater accuracy in predicting backlog delivery. We achieved one feature delivery every 2.5 days.
  • CI/CD: Automating the entire build pipeline reduced errors and the time to market, thereby improving the overall quality.
  • Responsiveness: With automation, agile work models, and accurate predictability, we were able to respond rapidly to problems.
  • Adaptability: We were able to respond promptly to product and business changes.

In conclusion, the My Claro Mobile app’s refurbishment exemplifies the successful and purposeful digital transformation in the technology-driven world. Proving to customers a more interactive and simplistic usage experience was a paramount aim that was skillfully carried out by combining teamwork, innovation, and technical expertise. The agile approach, focus on user experience, and successful merger of legacy and new platforms delivered significant results, both qualitatively and quantitatively. These outcomes underline the importance of collaboration, agility, and customer focus, and set an uncompromised quality standard for future digital transformations.

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