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Innovation in patient and physician experiences with Rede D’Or

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Rede D’Or found in Objective a partner for its technological update with data-based management. Our main goals are to encourage personalization of care and digitize patient relationships.

Context and challenges for Rede D’Or

Rede D’Or, the largest integrated healthcare network in Brazil, already had a clear vision of the challenges of digital transformation for the healthcare area, which is under increasing pressure to adopt new technologies that promote patient-centered performance and optimization of hospital processes.

The Digital team was created in 2018 and, since then, it has more than 100 professionals focused on digitizing the patient’s and physician’s journey. The sector is led by Ariel Dascal, Chief Digital Officer, and has Luiz Fernando Valente, as IT Digital Executive, in charge of deliveries.

The client developed systems for online scheduling of appointments and exams and several systems for hospital care and management. But they were looking for other ways to speed up the customer care with new channels. Furthermore, they focused on reducing friction in the patient experience and accelerating digitalization by connecting doctors and patients. For this, they looked for partners that could work together to accelerate development and carry out the necessary technological update to increase productivity.

This is how Objective’s challenge began, with multidisciplinary squads, integrated into the Digital team of Rede D’Or.

“We started working remotely before the pandemic, and it worked very well, with daily meetings and ceremonies.

Today Objective and our team work on strategic products with quality and responsiveness, acting as if we were a single team.”

Luiz Fernando Valente – senior development manager of Rede D’Or.

Speed and delivery of new features

The first stage of this work consisted of carrying out a technological evolution of the solutions launched as MVP, intending to standardize the architecture, allowing greater integration and easing the management of different initiatives. The expected result was to achieve faster delivery of new features.

The team engaged in the squad model, working transparently with mixed teams of Rede D’Or and Objective employees.

The work started with the “medical appointment and exam” scheduling website, which was upgraded to improve new integrations and functionalities.

In addition, there was an evolution in the “Patient Portal”, where each patient, through a login, has access to the scanned information of exam results, can print, register or share with a doctor, regardless of the unit in which the service was performed.

Currently, the Portal is running in 25 units, with a significant share in the results of exams delivered. It represents greater convenience for patients and cost savings for Rede D’Or. In addition, the customer satisfaction rating is highly positive, with a high NPS.

The work was extended to developing new functionalities of the doctor’s area. It allows the doctor – always with the patient’s consent – to monitor the results of exams and the evolution of their clinical condition.

Good feedback led to the platform’s expansion, making it available to all doctors.

Excellent and reliable results

With an accelerated evolution of the digital strategy, Rede D’Or feels other gains with Objective’s experience and know-how, such as improvements in the management, control of metrics, development methodology, code quality, and team integration.

“Today, we testify a lot of know-how at Objective, and we see the interactions as ways to learn more about development, with discipline for complex topics.

Ariel Dascal
Chief Digital Officer – Rede D’Or


● Software architecture standardization

● Sustainable technology evolution

● High level of quality

● Control of metrics that support management and decision making

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