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Repom evolves IT team with Objective’s Assessment.

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Diagnose to keep the lead!

The constant search for innovation and integrated solutions for operations in payment management in road freight transport has been a reality that Repom has experienced for 15 years.

To ensure safety in its operating chain, the company innovates in the concept of managing road freight payments, offering solutions for the management of all processes in an integrated manner.

To maintain this innovative DNA and market leadership, Repom entered into a partnership with Objective, aiming to diagnose and improve its development team’s productivity.

“In this dynamic and fast market, we need to be prepared for the projects and innovations that the sector demands! Having a team of developers prepared for this demand is essential for the success of the projects and the evolution of the business”, says Moralle – IT Manager at Repom.

Through Assessment Consulting, Objective evaluated and mapped system developers by competence, individually and collectivelly. They identified the level of professionals (junior, full and senior) and their technical and behavioral characteristics.

Evolution of teamwork, how to deal with daily conflicts, and technical training are some of the factors diagnosed in Objective’s Assessment.

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