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TIM gains higher quality and stability in its RTM with Objective.

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RTM Project (Transportation Network for Messages)

This project was designed for a traffic of more than 300 thousand SMS text messages/month between cell phones and applications from TIM’s client companies.

This system is responsible for sending and monitoring messages, controlling their reception of the cell phone or application of client companies. It passes through the cell network, generating billing, charging, and administrative reports.

The project used the software development methodology called Extreme Programming. Within a month, we replaced the previous program, putting a new version into production, containing the old system’s main features. The system that once crashed several times a day became stable after its replacement. We continued to develop new versions for another six months. In several moments of the project, we managed to produce more functionalities per iteration than TIM was able to specify.

Since the launch of the last version of the product, only three conflicts have been found, without the system having crashed once. It was a project with unprecedented productivity and quality at TIM.

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